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Welcome to SSD Chemicals lab We are the best ssd chemical lab in Europe, SSD Chemicals lab are the leaders of Universal SSD Solution Chemical supplies to the Middle East Asia as well as Europe. We equally provide all solutions for your black dollar cleaning, and black money cleaning chemicals needs.

Furthermore, our chemical clean all currencies like the Euro, USD, GBP and many other currencies

So, why should you buy our ssd chemical solution and activation powder? In truth, these universal ssd chemical solution prices are cheap and affordable. You purchase the best ssd chemical solution and activation powder and use to clean all types of currency coupled with our sophisticated machines to clean your defaced notes.

Moreso, we have standby technicians and experts to do the job perfectly, likewise offer technicians to do the job at any part of the world.


  • SSD Chemical Solution
  • Super Solution
  • Universal Solution
  • Super Automatic Solution
  • PK58 Solution
  • Ultimate 2018 Solution
  • Activation Powder
  • Mercury Powder

Black money cleaning chemical


SSD Chemicals lab are able to clean, reactivate black, green, white negative bank notes of Euro, Dollar, Japanese Yen, Kuwaiti, Dinar, Malaysian Ringgit and all other local currencies and restore them back to the original form.

Moreover, these ssd chemical solutions for sale are the ideal black money cleaning chemicals.

In the foreground, we guarantee that our SSD  chemical solution delivery is 100% discreet and secure through our privately operated security transport agency.

Even though there are a lot of challenges, we send highly qualified technicians to all countries in the world to do cleaning services on commission basis.

Our technicians are able to do manual cleaning, cleaning by machine with the 2018 3D Laser Automatic Machine.

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