Buy Denmark Fake ID online



Buy Denmark Fake ID online

Buy Denmark Fake ID online high quality re-transfer printed card that imitates Danish driving licence. Your photograph and your signature will be fitted to the card. All of the data on the card will be implemented according to the form that is one of the stages when placing an order. Best Quality holographic Layer is included! IT IS NOT A REAL DRIVING LICENCE AND WILL BE NEVER TREATED AS SUCH.

You can use Denmark id card as an identity document if you do not have a passport or a driving licence.

An identity card states your civil registration number (CPR number), your nationality and contains a photo of you. You can use it in everyday situations to prove your identity. However, there are exceptions:

  • You cannot use it when you visit a doctor. Instead, you must bring your yellow health card
  • It is generally not used as a travel identification document. Instead, use your passport.
  • Your baptism, birth or name certificate, yellow health card OR your passport
  • Card/cash for payment. The card costs DKK 150 (2020) inclusive of a photo of you which will be taken at the Citizen Service Centre.
  • Danish citizens aged 15 or above can apply for an ID card that will let them avoid having to carry their passports around as a form of identification.The new ID card can be obtained via the municipality and can be used in a number of instances as an alternative to a passport or driver’s licence.
  • “The new ID card will be a help to young people and for some of our elderly and handicapped citizens. It can actually help make the day easier for anyone who doesn’t possess a driver’s licence and doesn’t want to carry around their passport,” said Simon Emil Ammitzbøll, the minister for economic affairs and interior.


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