Buy Poland Fake ID online



Buy Poland Fake ID online

Buy Poland Fake ID online regulators and law enforcement agencies in Poland and in Europe generally have struggled for years with forged identity documents due to the rapid advancements in tech that allow for the creation of very sophisticated forgeries.

I recall from my own days in law enforcement that whenever I encountered a suspected fake ID, what followed was a tedious process of paperwork, chain of evidence, obtaining expert witness statements and sometimes contacting another law enforcement agency in order to establish the suspect’s true identity.

Several years ago somebody discovered a loophole in the Polish legislation and it transpired that while creating false documents is a criminal offence, creating “a collectable copy” for purposes other than passing the fake document as a real one, is allowed.

Polish legislators made a push last year to close the legal loophole, yet the majority of the websites offering fake IDs are still operating. Some moved to hosting services located abroad, including US, while others operate with impunity from Poland.

It is surprising, the ease with which one can just Google phrases like “collectable Polish documents” and be presented with a selection of websites selling anything, from fake driving licences to forged travel documents.

Some websites no longer limit their services only to Polish ID cards, but they have started catering for the general European customer base – you can simply select a document template from a variety of European countries, send your photograph and whatever false details you want to populate the card with, customise a little, and you’re good to go.

Some photographs on the fake IDs do not conform to the standards required by the issuing authorities. This is because the person ordering a fake ID often does not know what types of photographs are accepted and what types are not.

Buy Poland Fake ID online

For instance, in the fake ID I recently encountered, the photo was not aligned correctly and was not as per the guidelines for national ID cards in Poland.

I took the image below from the official website of a local authority in charge of issuing documents. Any photograph like those below would have been rejected immediately by the issuing authority.

Therefore, any ID that has a non-conforming photograph should immediately be treated with suspicion.


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