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SSD Chemicals Masters have for you  the best SSD powder chemical solution, are you a returning customer or where you refered to us by a friend or through internet?, then you’re for sure at the righful laboratory to put an end to your search.

Are you in any way searching for:-

* SSD Conservation Powder, Tebi-Manetic Powder Solution for Cleaning Diced Burst Money (Currencies)

* Activation Powder S.S.D; Humaine Active Powder and Anti-virus Powder for Cleaning defaced US Dollars

Best SSD De-icing Compund Powder Clean dirty Notes ?

Therefore Kindly find below some of our powder grade “A” SSD chemical products that we supply.

Anti-V- Activation Powde

Re-activate Currency Bill


Anti V- powder refers to a reactivation member of the SSD products which is been pure and rob all over damaged notes , bills like USD and blacks EURO, POUNDS, transferring colors from used note to new white bills.

Tebi-Manetic Powder Solution

SSD Vectrol Paste / CHEMICALS

The Latest new Molecular Sieve 4a vectrol paste chemicals for Cleaning Currencies is all you need for permanent recovery in cleaning and restoration of defaced notes currency bills( BLACK-MONEY ) stained, anti-breeze affected bank notes currencies such as Dollar, Euro, Pound, and other local currencies to Standard White-Mint notes.

 * CS Vectrol Paste 4a, Zuta S4, Perborate Paste NaBO3 for removing odor on cleaned Burst Money (Currencies)

Below are some of our Paste Solution Chemical grade “A” products that we sell.

Clear Defaced diced Money / Cleaning Black Money

The universal automatic SSD solution is the main chemical been used to completely clear the defaced money of any type; be it black money, stamp/stained bank notes with anti breeze quality.

SSD Gastrox Oxide HQ5

HQ5 is an additional element on the main ssd automatic solution to make it universal chemical which is able to cleaning all sort of coating with darkened